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About Nilu

Nilu Jenks is a dedicated community advocate who loves to engage with and serve her community. As a second-generation Iranian-American whose family was granted asylum in the United States, Nilu has directly benefited from the freedoms our nation grants us, and she will forever be a dedicated fighter to protect those freedoms for others. Having experienced marginalization in society, she will work hard to realize the ideals of our nation for the benefit of all of her constituents. 


As a Board Member of Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE), Nilu co-wrote a racial equity curriculum to be facilitated after school by the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle at Roosevelt and Garfield High Schools beginning this spring. Nilu was a PTA Advocacy Chair for John Rogers Elementary School and has served as a Learning Coach for ELL students at Mercer Middle School. A mother of two, Nilu has invested her energies in improving local schools and working for the success of all children, and she will be a strong advocate for families when on City Council.


Before moving to Seattle, Nilu felt compelled to do something to help address our gun violence epidemic. She partnered with Gun by Gun and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office to help implement a successful gun buyback program. This experience convinced Nilu that local governments can achieve better outcomes via  direct engagement with their gun-owning citizens. Nilu supports community engagement that provides gun owners with free trigger locks, education about suicide prevention, and resources for protection against domestic violence. She believes it is critical to partner with gun owners to develop the best responsible gun ownership laws. After the Uvalde shootings, Nilu reached out to the King County Council to share her experience and resources to provide support for the ongoing work in pursuing a gun buyback program for King County.

Nilu graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Economics and Spanish.

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