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King County Young Democrats


Young Democrats @ UW


Elected Officials

King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski

Seattle Port Commissioner Fred Felleman 

46th District State Senator Javier Valdez

36th District State Representative Julia Reed

34th District State Senator Joe Nguyen

29th District State Senator Yasmin Trudeau

Former 47th District State Senator Mona Das

Seattle School Boardmember Liza Rankin

Seattle School Boardmember Vivian SonMaritz

Former Seattle City Councilmember Jim Street

Edmonds City Councilwoman Susan Paine

Small Businesses

Grateful Bread

Bizzarro Italian Cafe

Friendly Hmong Farms

Stormwater Consulting

Community Leaders (Titles For Identification Purposes Only)

Nancy Fisher-Allison, Retired SPS librarian

Anthony Allison, Founder of Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE)

Robin Briggs, Climate Activist

Naija Brown, Community Advocate

Kerri Brown-Wooster, Teacher at Olympic Hills Elementary

Alan Durning, ED Sightline Institute

John Engber, Community Leader

Ed Ewing, Bike Advocate

Dr. Aria Fani, UW Director of Persian and Iranian Studies Program

Nina Goodrich, Former ED and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Tim Hennings, Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE), Connections Program Director

Joe Hunter, Co-Founder, RARE

Ian Johnstone, Founder and ED of

Rob Jones, VP of Workforce and Education of the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle

Brenda Leaks, Head of Seattle Girls' School

Jim Little, Climate Activist

John Lombard, Thornton Creek Alliance Board Member

Lanetria Luevano, PTA President John Rogers Elementary School

Ben Maritz, Founder and Head of affordable housing developer Great Expectations

Frances Merenda, Climate Activist

Arvia Morris, Climate Activist

Binah Palmer, Community Advocate

Julia Ricketts, Founder Code Blue WA

Andrea Rodgers, Senior Litigation Attorney for Our Children's Trust

Meredith Stone, Seattle City Council Commissions Manager

Kathy Sakahara, Community Advocate

Catherine Shaffer, Community Member

Beth Sharlin, Board Member, Jane Addams Middle School PTSA

Bragdon Shields, Sand Point Studios Founder/Architect

Rosemary Sweeney, Climate Activist

Rich Voget, Climate Activist

Winston Yueng, Managing Director, Vibrant Cities

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