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Nilu's Priorities

I am committed to working hard for the vibrant tapestry of voices and lived experiences that encompass District 5, one of Seattle’s most diverse districts. I am the daughter of Iranian immigrants, and was once an ELL (English language learner) student. When I taught Math Olympics at John Rogers Elementary School, multiple students told me how much me being able to relate to their experience mattered, giving me an even greater appreciation for the value of representation and energizing me to answer the call of public service.

Improving neighborhood safety and building sidewalks

Everyone deserves to feel safe: pedestrians and bikers going about their day, people in their homes and businesses, and those living in tents or cars. We need to improve first response times, invest in community-led safety initiatives, rapidly increase shelter capacity and health treatment for our unhoused neighbors, and reduce the number of firearms on our streets. I will fight for more sidewalks in District 5 so that we can have a safe, walkable, and equitable community. I want a city where every 10-year-old can walk to school safely. We must demand more accountability from the city government on public safety.

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Increasing housing affordability

Everyone deserves a home, but housing is increasingly scarce and expensive in our region. We need more housing of every kind, so that rents are affordable and homeownership is within reach, so that our children can afford to stay here if they choose, and so that we can prevent homelessness before it happens. Once homeless, people face numerous compounding issues, so early identification and support of those at risk is critical. We must do everything we can to keep people housed.

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Leading on climate change

Everyone deserves a livable environment. Seattle has an incredible opportunity to lead on climate, and to create the safe, healthy, prosperous, and affordable city that we all want. The solutions that address climate change are the very same ones that will help make us safer and make housing more affordable: more abundant housing; better, cleaner public transit; and safer streets for pedestrians and bikes. I recognize the importance of a just transition, so we must provide apprenticeship opportunities and job training skills for building a brighter future.

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Voter Education and Community Engagement

I am a passionate believer that healthy democracies require informed voters and robust voter engagement. Some of my community advocacy has focused on voter education, voter engagement, and promoting the healthy tension of the democratic process.

Residents should have access to their government and understand how it works, and I firmly believe that a City Council and City Staff’s job is to educate the public about the workings of their city. I would like to bring a Citizen’s Academy similar to a program that I attended which helped inspire my interest in running for City Council. North Bend’s Citizen Academy is one example of a local community engaging in this important community education practice.

I intend to host coffee and drop-in hours and promise to be accessible to my constituents in District 5 and residents throughout Seattle. I'm not running in pursuit of higher office, but because I love my neighborhood and community and I want to respond to their needs.  I prioritize making myself available to sit and listen to varied perspectives. In being available to everyone in our community, from business leaders and labor representatives to families and different community organizations, I know I will find the best ways to serve my community. I firmly believe in having the hard discussions necessary to find the best consensus-driven solutions for our community, because everybody deserves a seat at the table.

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