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Seattle Democracy Vouchers

Seattle has one of the country's few publicly funded campaign programs. Every Seattle resident gets $100 worth of Democracy Vouchers (4x $25 vouchers) paid for by the City to allocate to their chosen candidate or candidates. Nilu participates in and is primarily funding her campaign through this program. She would be very grateful to receive your vouchers!

Other ways to submit vouchers

Paper vouchers were mailed to you earlier this year (see below for the cover page and an example voucher). If you have these on hand you can submit in one of the following ways:

  • Fastest and easiest: Submit online using the unique code on each voucher.

  • Mail in your paper vouchers: Write Nilu Jenks, sign each voucher using your voting signature, and mail them in using the provided pre-paid envelope. You can also give signed vouchers directly to Nilu, and she can turn them in for you.

If you lost or never received your vouchers:

  • Sign replacement form and submit digitally here.

  • Request replacement vouchers here.

If you are a Green Card holder:

  • Apply for vouchers here.

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